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After having a last minute trip pop up and all whilst having two Frenchies with a long list of issues, Lory stood out on top above the rest with her Vet Tech experience. One of our Frenchies suffers from a spinal condition from birth that affects his mobility and it also means he needs manual urination and fecal expression... Not an easy task and we would only trust someone like Lory who had experience. She was not only educated in this, but also took super care of both our fur babies and our home. We will be asking Lory to return on our next trip, for sure! Two thumbs up!

John R. 
January 2018

Lory was patient, loving and understanding with a senior dog with a lot of attitude and fear issues. Plus, she was very communicative with me while I was away. I would definitely book her again.

Shauna M.
January 2018

Lory was terrific! Dutchess had a recent illness and I was hesitant about going on my trip. After meeting with Lory I felt completely confidant that she was in good hands and I had nothing to worry about! All went great....will definately use Lory again!

Kim L.
November 2017

Lory responded back to us promptly, got along wonderfully with our beloved dogs, and was responsible and respectful of our house. We are so pleased with her professional level of service that we already booked her for three more stays!

Frank N.
May 2016

Lory was great. Our dog isn't the most friendly with people or other dogs, so needless to say we can't just have anyone watch him. We felt it best for someone to come into our home, as we did not want to put our dog's unfriendliness in a strangers home regardless of insurance coverage. Lory met with us 1st outside of our home & then came to our home right before we left, more for our sake as she was not afraid or timid. Our minds were at ease, our dog said he had a grand time with his new friend Lory & loved his walks. So happy we found a great petsitter. Thank you Lory! 
We called her again about a month later when we were going to be gone for a long day so we had Lory come to give Chester a walk & dinner. It's been a little while since Chester had seen Lory so Chester was so surprised to see her, at 1st not in a good way (remember Chester doesn't welcome you with a wagging tail & kisses). Since our last visit, Chester has serious health issues. Lory being the pack leader she is, 1st things 1st she got the leash & he was a happy camper from then on. It's comforting knowing Lory knows how to handle what could be challenging situations, she's not afraid , & what a great perk...she's is a vet tech!

We're lucky all the way around!

Patrice D.
May 2014

Lory far exceeded my expectations! Not only was she incredibly responsive, and extremely professional, but we came home to my dog in better condition than when we left him with her. Since we were out of the country and would not have cell phone access, Lory called us during our trip at our hotel to let us know how our dog was doing. I have already spoken to her about watching him for our next trip! I hope we will have Lory for a long time to watch our dog because we don't trust anyone else!

Erika G.
October 2012

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