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Medication Administration


Dog Collar

We know that medicating

your pet can be challenging!

We are here to help.

Oral pills and liquids


Subcutaneous Fluids


Physical Therapy

Eye medications

Ear medications

Wound Care

Post Op support

Pet PAL can only administer

medications and treatments as directed by a licensed veterinarian

Pet Sitting


Are you uncomfortable leaving your furbaby in a kennel while you travel on vacation?

Trust me when I tell you, your pets don't want to spend 8 nights away from home without you!


Our team will stay in your home with your pets, guaranteeing that when you return everything will be just as you left it, including the health and happiness of your pet.

Pet PAL is able to care for all furry, 4-legged friends, including, but not limited to dogs, cats, birds, horses, pigs and goats. We can care for your cold-blooded friends too.

Veterinary Assistance

Pet PAL wants you to have a great relationship with YOUR veterinarian and can help in so many ways!

From in-home blood draws for rechecks that don't require a trip to the vet, to driving your pet to a from the clinic when you can't make it, to everything in between. We can provide bandage changes, wound care, ear cleanings, toe nail trims, weight checks, glucose monitoring and more, all in the comfort of your own home.

Pet PAL can also put you in

contact with veterinarians

who will come to you.

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