About Me


Lory was born and raised in Southern California. Lory’s father immigrated from Havana, Cuba in his mid-teens and established a bakery in Glendale, Ca, helping to instill in her a firm work ethic and strong integrity. Lory graduated from Pierce College with a double AS in Animal Science and Equestrian Science as well as a Certification in Barn Management. Lory went on to work as a horse trainer for several years before she moved to Loudon County, VA. While in Virginia, Lory made a horizontal move in the animal industry from the barn to the clinic and started working as a veterinary assistant. 3 years later, Lory returned to Los Angeles, continuing to work as a veterinary assistant.


She has over 20 years of experience in the animal care and pet industry. She is degreed and certified in Animal and Equine Science with 10 years experience working in veterinary clinics across the Los Angeles Area, including emergency hospitals.

All her life, Lory has had a deep seated passion for companion animals and their needs, and has found helping people keep their 4-footed friends healthy and happy deeply rewarding.

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